2018 Pala 'I Fiori' Cannanau DOC
2018 Pala 'I Fiori' Cannanau DOC 2018 Pala 'I Fiori' Cannanau DOC

Producer: Pala

Region: Sardegna, Italy

Grape:  100% Cannonau / Grenache

Tasting Notes: Intense ruby red colour with violet hints, very clear. Very intense, fresh and immediate aroma with notes of ripe red fruits and vegetables. Dry and smooth to the palate, good structure and nose-palate persistence.

Size: 750ml

Producer Info: Cannonau is the main red grape of Sardinia, the DOC Cannonau is one of the most well-known. It's a flower that grows here in the vineyards...that's why we called I Fiori (the flowers) in range with the other classical traditional wine varietals of Sardinia. The Flower on the label is the Acquilegia Nuragus, one of the two hundred endemic species of Sardinia, a symbol of its diversity. It grows in the Gorroppu Canyon (Gennargentu National Park) and there are only ten plants left and protected. His original color is the one used in the Nuragus label.