Naturbosco dried porcini
Naturbosco dried porcini Naturbosco dried porcini

Producer: Ceruti Naturbosco

Product: Dried porcini mushrooms

Region: Toscana

Producer Info: 

The Ceruti family started Naturbosco in 1986 in Arezzo, Tuscany. The company, who’s name translates to natural forests, remains a family enterprise to this day. The brand is known to select to most flavoursome and aromatic truffles and porcinis to use in their products. The raw ingredients are sourced from across Tuscany, Piemonte and Umbria.

Tasting note:

Porcini mushrooms are used extensively in Northern Italian cuisine, imparting a subtle nutty flavour. The mushrooms can be rehydrated by seeping in hot water from 15-20 minutes. They can now be added to your favourite risotto, pasta, soup or stew. The water that had rehydrated the mushrooms will also be impregnated with the flavour and can be used as a stock.


dried porcini mushrooms

Size: 20g

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