2023 Mercato Homemade Sauce

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Product: The Italian diet is dictated by the seasons. For Italians, the tomato harvest means it is time to make passata di pomodoro (tomato sauce). Mercato homemade sauce is made using 100% Australian grown and sustainably farmed Roma tomatoes thanks to our local producer, Vorrasi Family Farms. Bottled in to amber beer bottles and crowned sealed for freshness, this passata is made by hand and with love by the Caporaso family, just for you.

This sauce has a subtle sweetness that comes from only using sun-ripened tomatoes harvested at the peak of the season. Perfect for use in pasta sauces, as pizza base and in curries or soups. Seasoning required.

Producer: Mercato

Region: Adelaide, South Australia

Ingredients: 100% sun-ripened Roma Tomatoes

Size: 640ml

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