Moretti White Corn Polenta

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Product: Moretti's White Corn Polenta has a fine texture and delicate flavour. It is made from the vitreous white corn, air-dried and ground into a coarse meal. Cooking time is 30-50 mins.

Producer: Moretti

Bergamo, Lombardy 


Producer Information: The story of Moretti began in 1922 when Aristide and Carolina Moretti rented a maize mill at Campagnola, in the province of Bergamo. They produce the best varieties of maize flour and invented the recipe for polenta flour, still renowned for it today globally. Their children, Francesco, Ernesto and Franco Moretty, followed in their parents footsteps and purchased a wheat mill at Colognola where they began producing flour for bread making. 

In the 1950s, the company was then joined by their children of the three partners who, together with their parents, continued the model of honesty, tradition and innovation which is still the bearing pillar of the group.