Tre Marie Pandoro Magnifico


Product Description: Traditional Pandoro cake - plain (icing sugar sachet included). This Pandoro has been made using Charnetes-Poitu, a French butter. Uniquely shaped as an eight-pointed star, Pandoro is a traditional Italian sweet bread originating from Verona. Pandoro, which translates to ‘golden bread’, is served at Christmas time in Italy - the classic Pandoro has both an aromatic vanilla flavour and soft texture. Enjoy a slice (or more) of Pandoro as is, with coffee or even with a glass of sweet wine.

Producer: Tre Marie 

Region: Milan

Size: 1kg

Producer Info: At the beginning of the twentieth century, Tre Marie, together with other renowned Milanese pastry shops, created an artisan cooperative that perfected the panettone recipe , establishing new criteria of excellence for the traditional Milanese dessert.

The production was organised on a large scale to offer simple, tasty and fragrant leavened products and pastry specialties like the freshly baked desserts of the past .
From anniversary leavened products to biscuits and cakes, each Tre Marie product embodies the excellence of the good . To give as gifts and to share with those you love.