Alberti Strega Mediterranean Limoncello

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Product: Strega has given life to a Limoncello through the skillful method of infusing lemon peels selected by their master liquorists. The Limoncello has the perfect balance of an intense aroma and a rich, velvety and juicy taste. Suitable for all occasions, Limoncello Strega after your meal is a delectable digestive.

Producer: Alberti Stregar

Region: Benevento, Campania

Alcohol: 28%

Size: 700ml

Producer Info: Alberti Strega’s humble roots stretch back to 1860 in Benevento where wine merchant, Giuseppe Alberti, together with his apothecarist father, formulated a herbal-based liqueur made up of a bouquet of 70 elements.

In addition to the liqueur which made it a phenomenon, Alberti Strega, now in their fifth generation, produces a selection of premium products, from liqueurs to confectionary while providing the same care, quality and attention to detail for which they have always been renowned for. The success of Strega lies in its ability to maintain their traditional methods while adapting and combing the evolvement of the modern world.