Perbellini Pandoro

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Product Description: Classic handcrafted two-day leavened, buttery Pandoro cake (vanilla icing sachet included).

Producer: Perbellini

Region: Bovolone, Veneto

Ingredients: Tender wheat flour type '0', sugar, butter (milk), fresh category A eggs. Cocoa butter, milk, salt, natural yeast, emulsifier (mono-diglycerides of fatty acids). May contain traces of dry and sugar fruits, soy, sesame seeds, arachnids and mustard. 

Size: 850g

Producer Info: Family-owned producer, Perbellini, now in its sixth generation, was birthed in 1872 in Veneto, Italy by passionate baker, Luigi Perbellini. The story captures a family’s hunger for good food and devotion to producing classic and artisanal handcrafted Italian cakes and pastries. They now craft more than 150 products in their laboratory using the finest selection of raw ingredients and according to local traditions.