Ortiz Yellow Fin Tuna in Olive Oil

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Product Description: Ortiz's yellow fin tuna

tender and silky 
are sourced and prepared on the same day to preserve natural flavour and freshness. They are salted for a period of 6-12 months before being washed, trimmed and filleted by hand. The fish are then canned in olive oil. This causes the anchovies to become plump and retain the natural sweet flavour and creamy and melt in your mouth texture. The exquisite flavour of the finest Yellow tuna is enhanced by olive oil, which gives it a silky texture.

Producer: Conservas Ortiz 

Region: Cantabrian Coast, Northern Spain 

Ingredients: Anchovies, olive oil, salt

Size: 150g

Producer Info: Ortiz is an innovative family-owned business now in their fifth generation located in Northern Spain. They are committed to sourcing the finest quality of fish during the coastal fishing season through classic techniques and meticulously preparing and filleting each freshly by hand. Today, their products are considered one of the most recognisable canned fish brands in the world due to their incredibly nuanced depth of flavour and texture.