Muzzi Animalier Panettone Chocolate and Cherry

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Product Description: Four-day leavened Panettone cake with rich dark chocolate drops, sweet and fragrant black cherry juice and a dark chocolate glaze. 

Producer: Muzzi

Region: Folignano, Umbria

Size: 500g

Producer Info: Two-hundred-year-old laboratory, Tommaso Muzzi was born and bred in the heart of Folignano in central Umbria, Italy. Muzzi produces some of the softest, freshest and golden textured panettones with an intensity of fragrant flavours. To dominate, Muzzi combines traditional and artisanal techniques with modern production concepts. It seems only fitting that the delectable taste of Muzzi’s extensive panettone range would match the beauty of its vibrant and quirky packaged designs. Their style definitely does not reflect their age.