Montenegro Amaro

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Producer: San Lazzaro

Region: Bologna, Emilia Romagna

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The history of what is now one of the leading liqueurs of the Italian tradition begins in 1885, when Stanislao Cobianchi decided to set up a small liqueur company against his family‘s wishes, who instead had steered him towards an ecclesiastical career.

At first, the production focused on a number of liqueurs, whose names have nowadays almost been forgotten, such as ratafià, alchermes, arquebuse, persico, old lady’s milk and rosolio liqueur.

His extensive knowledge of herbs inspired him to create a new product, a delicate amber-coloured liqueur that was to become the specialty of the house. The name Amaro Montenegro was a tribute to Elena, second Queen of Italy, the wife of Vittorio Emanuele III.

Tasting note: The combination is carefully selected ingredients and rigorous quality control make Amaro Montenegro the classic drink which D’Annuzzio called ‘Sprit if virtues’. Its exquisite, delicate aroma and unmistakeable flavour make it a trusted friend to dink straight, on ice, with soda, as the base of hot and modern cocktails.

Alcohol (%): 23%