Mercato Espresso Supreme Coffee Beans
Mercato Espresso Supreme Coffee Beans Mercato Espresso Supreme Coffee Beans

Product: Coffee Beans

A Sip with Mercato: Many friendships I know of that work really well are those where there is a strong willed (some might say aggressively positive) person and one who is more tempered, milder in opinion and sweet. This perfect combination also exists in Mercato’s Espresso Supreme Coffee Beans, where the mix of beans from Indonesia, which is beautifully roasted to bring out the best of each, results in a naturally sweet but magnificently strong full bodied beverage. A hint of cocoa rounds out the beautiful friendship you just made with your morning coffee; how sweet!

Producer: Mercato

Product Information: 100% Indonesian beans, these high altitude beauties are wet-processed (washed) and designed for Espresso and Long Blacks with their strong and chocolatey tones.

Producer Information: Mercato has a wide selection of in-house beans to cover your every coffee need. From a rich and creamy cappuccino to a perfect drip and plunger coffee we have you covered. Selecting beans from all over the world to create new blends, you can see our range online or come in and chat to us in-store to find the right beans for you.

Size: 250g, 500g

Please note, these are whole coffee beans. If you would like them ground for you, just leave us a note in your order comment box, we love the smell and are happy to oblige!