D'Angelo Coffee Bar Beans 1Kg

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Product: From Brazil and Costa Rica, these beans are grown at 1000, 1150 and 1350 metres above sea level. This places them in mid to high range elevation, creating a smooth and sweet bean which is not purely floral or acidic but sits right at that edge – like a smooth wine might. This blend is unique and is specifically designed for use via extraction methods including espresso machines or stovetop percolators. This blend is served in Bar Mercato daily.  

Producer: D’Angelo

Region: Roasted - Adelaide, South Australia 

Size: 350g, 1kg

Producer Info: Tony D’Angelo brings his almost 30 years of coffee experience to Mercato with his specially made range. He has pioneered steering South Australian’s away from instant coffee and into the great grand world of freshly roasted beans, unique flavour profiles and high quality, reputable products from around the globe.

Please note, these are whole coffee beans. If you would like them ground for you, just leave us a note in your order comment box, we love the smell and are happy to oblige!