Mercato Espresso Italiano Roast Beans 1kg

Product: Coffee Beans

A Sip with Mercato: These beans create the flavour-packed beverage you need to bookend your day. Warm nut and subtle chocolate aromas are followed by a berry wine flavour which finishes with a balanced fruity acidity. Start or end your day with this – guaranteed to a be a great punchy palate day!

Producer: Mercato 

Product Information: Due to the strong flavour from the combination of medium and dark roast beans, these are ideal for an after dinner cappuccino but are certainly versatile enough for all types of coffee. The mix of high to very high altitude beans from Papua New Guinea, Costa Rica, Columbia and India will grab your attention with its great flavour and punch!

Producer Information: Mercato has a wide selection of in-house beans to cover your every coffee need. From a rich and creamy cappuccino to a perfect drip and plunger coffee we have you covered. Selecting beans from all over the world to create new blends, you can see our range online or come in and chat to us in-store to find the right beans for you.

Size: 1kg