Majani Fiat Cremini Classico Box


Product Description: Classic Majani Cremini - 10 pieces. Majani's unique and original 4 layer Cremino is a delicious alternation of silky hazelnut and almond layers.

Producer: Majani

Region: Alba, Piemonte

Size: 101g (10 pieces)

Producer Info: With origins dating back to Bologna in the late 1700s, Majani is a truly iconic Italian chocolate maker.  Renowned worldwide for the Majani Scorza, Italy’s first solid chocolate, and the classic four-layered Cremino FIAT, first created in 1911 as the winning entry to a competition celebrating the release of the FIAT Tipo 4 car. Today, Majani continues to create chocolate masterpieces, following traditional production methods and original recipes passed on by the family across many generations.