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A Sip with Mercato: Living in Italy in the 15th Century was an incredible time for many. The Renaissance was in full swing and some of the greatest artwork to ever be created was changing the world as we know it. It was also the age where coffee roasters in Campania began filling the air with that sweet aroma that we are all still drawn to today. We like to imagine that as Da Vinci sipped his espresso, he was painting, sculpting, inventing and theorising.

The thick, even and sweet crema works in so many variations of coffee including espresso, cappuccino, latte, lungo or flat white. These beans basically make you the Da Vinci of your morning coffee routine – so mix it up a create something amazing!

Producer: Kimbo

Region: Campania, Italy.

Product Information: Campania, sitting in the South West of Italy, has become the home of Italian coffee bean roasters since the oh-so-delictable drink became popular in the 15th Century. This 65% Robusta, 35% Arabica blend of beans from Brazil, Central America and Asia has a medium roast profile, full body and beautifully balances sweetness and acidity.

Producer Information: In 1963 the Rubino Brothers set up a small roasting plant in the centre of Naples, the humble beginnings of what would become Kimbo - one of Italy’s greatest success stories. Kimbo’s success has been determined and defined by how they have kept true to the Neapolitan tradition - producing coffee with both an unmistakable flavour and aroma. It all starts with their selection of the best ingredients, as Kimbo’s experts select the best varieties from different plantations across the world. From the sweetness of Brazilian coffees to the hint of spice from those in India, the delicacy of those from Colombia and the acidic characteristic of Central American coffees, are all combined by Kimbo to create exquisite blends. Kimbo’s pursuit of coffee perfection is contained within each of their products – each carefully crafted for your enjoyment.

Size: 1kg

Please note, these are whole coffee beans. If you would like them ground for you, just leave us a note in your order comment box, we love the smell and are happy to oblige!

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