Ciro's Lemon Biscuits

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Product: Italian Lemon Biscuits

A Bite with Mercato: Food, fashion, family. There are some things Italians are just really good at. Adding to that list: Mixing lemon with dishes and drinks to make them even better. Think limoncello. Think fresh Mediterranean seafood. And of course: think of all of the dolce that has had its sweetness balanced by this remarkable fruit. So take a bite and celebrate this marriage. Just like all that food, fashion and family, these Italian Lemon Biscuits taste, look and feel so good!

Producer: Ciro’s Cakes & Biscuits

Product Information: Zuccherini, or Italian Lemon Biscuits, are traditionally given to guests from the Bride and Groom at weddings in Italy as they are shaped like wedding rings. But you can have them any time and they will will almost definitely be found in any Italian bakery worth their salt either side of the equator. The lemon flavour is delicate and the biscuits are not overly sweet – just right for when you need something with a touch of sweet and a little zest!

Producer Information: Ciro’s Cakes & Biscuits are based in Noble Park, Victoria. Ciro Rosa and his team have been bringing his famous dolcini biscuits and continental cakes into our homes for nearly 20 years. With a focus on traditional methods and recipes, these cakes and biscuits deliver Italy to your plate and bring back tasting memories from long ago.

Size: 500g