Golia Licorice Lollies

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Product: Individually wrapped liquorish gummy lollies

A piece with Mercato: Liquorish made with the best quality and no artificial ingredients is the only way to have liquorish and Golia is the king of using only the best to make the best.

Producer: Golia

Product Information: Italy’s favourite liquorice candy, the original Golia comes in tiny white wrappers with a chewy and delightful gummy button inside.

Producer Information: Golia is the creator behind Italy’s most iconic liquorice flavoured candy and has become a staple for the Italian with a sweet tooth. Like many Italian-made products, Golia candy features only natural ingredients, including premium quality liquorice and mint extracts. Golia’s Italian liquorice is also gluten-free and doesn’t contain any artificial colours or flavours.

Ingredients: Thickener: arabic gum, sugar, glucose syrup; stabilisers: sorbitol, glycerol; liquorice juice, fructose, colour: E 150a, natural flavourings, coconut oil

Size: 180g