Bodrato Giandujotti Dark Bag

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Product: Bodrato's dark Giandujotti are a delicate and balanced combination of the finest, ground Piedmont hazelnuts and cocoa piped into a triangular shape using artisanal methods. Smooth and soft, nutty and sweet, exactly the way we like it.

Producer: Bodrato

Region: Genoa, Liguria

Size: 150g (20 pieces)

Producer Info: Opened in the back of the district cafe in Genoa in 1943, Bodrato started just like us; a small shop with great ambitions. Fast-forward 80 years, the company now lives in the chocolate capital of Italy, Novi Ligure, Piedmont after Fabio Bergaglio, with his sister Paola, took the reins in 2001. With a completely sustainable workshop and innovative staff, Bodrato is focused on combining their ancient, highly esteemed recipes with new ideas to create delicious confectionary pieces to keep us on our toes.