Fraccaro Pandoro & Panettone MINI
Fraccaro Pandoro & Panettone MINI Fraccaro Pandoro & Panettone MINI

Years of tradition and family history in any industry is impressive, but when an industry like food - now so heavily industrialised, mechanised and processed - throws out a successful and still firmly traditional producer like Fraccaro in Castelfranco Veneto in Italy's North-East, we take notice. Not only are these cakes made with the care of master pastry chefs, they're also crafted using local butter (where many now use inferior canola or margarine sourced   elsewhere) and the all important starter culture from 1932.

The sourdough is the secret here; Fraccaro's elegant, digestible and super-soft version of the local Pandoro is the flagship. Opt for the Panettone and you get the same basic dough with dried raisins and citrus that are candied in-house. Sourdough takes time, turning the complex sugars within the flour to create carbon dioxide giving rise to the dough and heightening the fragrance. It's this time that means most other producers have left this method behind but why the cakes from Fraccaro taste the same way they did in the 30's.

The Fraccaro Pandoro and Panettone are made once each year, with production for Australia coming first off the line (to allow it time to arrive on our shores). We are taking pre-orders for the next week only and expect delivery here late October, so please get in touch to reserve your allocation of some of the most fragrant and delicious Christmas cakes you'll ever taste.