Filippone Organic Bay Leaves

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Product: Organic bay leaves with an intense aroma cultivated according to tradition in the Madonie mountains at 1000 meters above sea level. Harvested by hand and packaged using artisanal methods which guarantee the quality and preservation of the aroma over time.

Producer: Agricola Filippone

Region: Palermo, Sicily

Ingredients: 100%, organically farmed bay leaves

Size: 25g

Producer Info: Gandolfo Filoppone farm is situated at one thousand meters above sea level, in the pure environment of Madonie Park, in the heart of Sicily.

High mountain climate, air purity, soul and water quality make this area the ideal place for the cultivation of Sicilian agriculture products of the highest quality.

From father to son, the passion for agriculture of the Filippone family helped to start an innovative company which makes the rediscovery of the most characteristic aromatic plants of the Mediterranean such as sage, rosemary, thyme, fennel and especially the oregano the focus of its production.

Oregano still grows spontaneously in the territory of the Madonie, enclosing in its huge aromas the very essence of authentic Sicily. Authentic as the Gandolfo Filippone Farm, which reaffirms every day the value of environmentally friendly cultivation methods in line with the roots of true rural tradition.