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Ferron Carnaroli Risotto Rice
Ferron Carnaroli Risotto Rice Ferron Carnaroli Risotto Rice

Producer: Ferron 

Product: Carnaroli Risotto Rice 

Region: Isola della Scala, Verona, Veneto 

Producer Info:
Ferron is a 4th generation family run company located in picturesque Isola della Scala, Verona. In the mid-70s, Ferron recognised that mass production of inferior rice would lead to extinction of two exceptional Veronese rice varieties, Carnaroli and Vialone. This lead to the establishment of a consortium of rice growers in the Isola della Scala valley to protect these delicate species. 

Ferron's Pila Vecia ("old mill") has a history originating in 1656 although it has only been owned by Ferron since 1921. A canal called the Fossa Zenobia runs under the Pila Vecia. The water turns the original seven-metre paddle wheel, which provides the energy for a series of centuries-old pestelli (wooden poles with marble tips) which gently work up and down to crush whole grains of rice and remove the outer husks.

Ferron rice is organic and grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. In non-planting years, corn and medicinal herbs are cultivated to replenish the soil with essential nutrients. Water from pure and unpolluted underground springs encourages pristine crop growth. The rice paddies are home to carp fish, providing a natural pest control and delicate ecosystem where rice can flourish.

Tasting note:
Carnaroli rice is a favourite amongst Italian chef for it's superior texture and flavour. The grains have a natural nutty, herbaceous flavour. Carnaroli is also very easy to use, even for novice chefs, as it is harder to overcook than other varieties. It is more forgiving when laden with excess liquid and will not break down. This makes it perfect for making seafood risotto or risottos with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms. 

Size: 1kg