Divella Stock Beef

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Product: Elevate the flavour of your dish with Divella's beef stock cubes. No artificial colours, preservatives, lactose or MSG.

Producer: Divella 

Region: Rutigliano, Puglia 

Ingredients: Iodized salt, corn flour, hydrogenated vegetable oil, yeast extract, bovine beef extract 5%, parsley, onion, garlic, turmeric.

Size: 100g

Producer Info: Divella, a fourth generation company, was established by Francesco Divella when he opened his first flour mill in the small farming town of Rutigliano, Bari in 1890. Divella is committed to producing high quality durum wheat to transform it into traditional pasta, biscuits and flour for us to enjoy at home. They later experienced a complete growth phase and expanded their product range to pasta sauces and bakery goods. They now have three factories with more than 280 employees. Passion, innovation and development.