Cucina Antica Mayonnaise

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Product: A homemade mayonnaise ideal for all uses: decorations, to accompany meat and fish, salad. mousse, sandwiches, sandwiches, etc. Gluten-free.

Producer: Cucina Antica

Region: Modena, Emilia Romagna

Ingredients: Sunflower oil (80%), egg yolk, lemon juice, wine vinegar, salt, sugar, flavours

Size: 200g

Producer Info:  Cucina Antica is a Menù brand, a company that was born in the province of Modena, a land of traditions and qualitative excellence that are expressed in art, music, technology and, above all, in the gastronomic tradition with world famous specialties such as tortellini, zampone, balsamic vinegar. From the sausage factory founded by Romolo Barbieri in Cavezzo (Modena) in 1932 to the current company, seventy years have passed and a real metamorphosis.