Ciro's Viennese Biscuits

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Product: Viennese Biscuits

A Bite with Mercato: Forget trying to figure out who has Type A or Type B personalities. Ask yourself this: Are you a “chocolate first bite” or “chocolate last bite” type of person? Grab a packet of these gorgeous traditional Viennese Biscuits to discover the answer to that great question of the Universe and your place within it: It’s an enjoyable and delicious experiment involving a buttery soft shortbread biscuit and some bitey rich dark chocolate!

Producer: Ciro’s Cakes & Biscuits

Product Information: Viennese Biscuits have been a staple in Italian Bakeries and Nonnas’ cookbooks for generations. Made with shortbread for extra buttery biscuits and dipped in either milk or dark chocolate the many variations of these simple yet perfectly balanced bites gives the chef scope for experimentation. Additions of jam, fruit flavourings or extra layers of dipping may be exciting, but give me the traditional version any day. 

Producer Information: Ciro’s Cakes & Biscuits are based in Noble Park, Victoria. Ciro Rosa and his team have been bringing his famous dolcini biscuits and continental cakes into our homes for nearly 20 years. With a focus on traditional methods and recipes, these cakes and biscuits deliver Italy to your plate and bring back tasting memories from long ago.

Size: 400g