Bisleri Ferro China

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Product: World-famous bitter aperitif liqueur based on iron citrate and cinchona. It can be drunk at any time of the day, preferably before meals, dry or diluted with plain or mineral water. A secret formula that includes all-natural infusions of rare herbs, beneficial and pleasant herbs.

Producer: Bisleri

Region: Milan, Lombardy

Alcohol: 21%

Size: 700ml

Producer Info: Bisleri Ferro China was the very first liqueur to be made with the salt of a metal, gaining the place of the precursor of supplements and restoratives. Created by Felice Bisleri, a Garibaldian with a passion for chemistry and liqueurs. In 1881 he managed to bring his product to the Italian market, recognised by all for its restorative and healthy virtues, so much so that it was “prescribed” as a tonic.