Brusa Grissini
Brusa Grissini Brusa Grissini

Producer: Brusa

Product: Breadsticks

Region: Piemonte

Producer Info: 

The production of Grissini has a long history in the region of Piemonte. Created in the 17th century by a baker in Turin for the duke Vittorio Amendeo II of Savoy. The duke spent most of his life in poor health and struggled to digest most foods. The grissini was made using a common bread dough called ghersa that has been cut in to small pieces and hand stretched in to long strips. Once baked the bread is crisp and easier to digest. Breadsticks are attributed to the improvement of the duke’s health and his eventual crowning as king of the region.

Napoleon was also a fan of grissini, referring to them ‘little sticks of Turin’. He had them transported to France from the region. 

Brusa continue this tradition in the Piemonte region by creating the breadsticks by hand using local quality ingredients.

Tasting note:

Crispy and crunchy, with a hint of salt and noticeable present of good quality olive oil.

Type: olive oil, rosemary, olive


Olive oil: wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (12%), yeast, salt, malted wheat flour.

Rosemary: Wheat flour, sunflower oil, yeast, salt, rosemary (1.5%), malted wheat flour.

Olives: Wheat flour, green olives (12%), extra virgin olive oil (7%), yeast, salt, malted wheat flour. 

may contain traces of nuts, sesame, soy milk and eggs.

Size: 200g