Bodrato Boeri Bella di Garbagna

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Product Description: Bodrato's authentic technique sees an ultra-sweet Garbagna Cherry DOP macerated in the iconic Grappa Liqueur and coated in layers of rich milk chocolate. The bite is firm, without it being too hard allowing the chocolate to collapse elegantly. The perfect balance of intense flavours and textures.

Producer: Bodrato

Region: Genoa, Liguria

Ingredients: Coat: Dark chocolate (cocoa min. 58%), cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: Soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavour. Filling: whole cherry with pit, grappa and brown sugar

Size: 200g (10 pieces) 

Producer Info: Opened in the back of the district cafe in Genoa in 1943, Bodrato started just like us; a small shop with great ambitions. Fast-forward 80 years, the company now lives in the chocolate capital of Italy, Novi Ligure, Piedmont after Fabio Bergaglio, with his sister Paola, took the reins in 2001. With a completely sustainable workshop and innovative staff, Bodrato is focused on combining their ancient, highly esteemed recipes with new ideas to create delicious confectionary pieces to keep us on our toes.