Bialetti Moka Alpino

Producer: Bialetti

Product: Moka stove top coffee maker 3 cup

Region: Piemonte

Producer Info: 

Bialetti is a brand that has become synonymous with Italian coffee culture. The classic octagonal design has reminded the same since Alfonso Bialetti created the first Moka express in 1933. The aim was to create a device that could allow for easy espresso making at home. Prior to this coffee drinking was almost exclusively at cafes and public coffee houses. Alfonso based his design off a washing machine used at the time. Laundry was done in a sealed boiler with a central pipe. Though the pipe hot soapy water would boil up and cover the clothes. 

The company remained a purely artisanal product, handmade by Alfonso at his aluminium workshop for many years. That was until Alfonso’s son, Renato Bialetti, took over the company, installing industrial processes to streamline production as well as increasing marketing efforts to make this product visible to a wider audience. The image of Bialetti, l’omino con I baffi (the little man with the moustache) was created to emblazon every product. The widespread publicity has catapulted Bialetti to cult status, the brand is known as the original and the best for coffee making at home. 

How to use:

    1. Fill water to just below the safety valve in the lower chamber. 
    2. Place basket in to chamber and fill with ground espresso coffee, do not press coffee down. 
    3. Screw upper chamber. Place machine over a low heat on stove. 
    4. Take off heat just before all of coffee enters the upper jug chamber. Do not allow to boil (this burns the coffee).

Type: 3 cup