Baci gift box

Product Description: Baci - soft inner core with hazelnut grains and cocoa reaches the apex of crunchiness with the whole hazelnut and it is coated by the double cover of fine dark chocolate.

Producer: Baci Perugina

Region: Perugia, Italy

Size: 12 piece gift box

Producer Info: Long ago, young chocolatier Luisa Spagnoli fell in love with Giovanni Buitoni, a founder of the Perugina chocolate company, and he with her. The only problem? Luisa's husband was the other founder.

According to sweet legend, Luisa wrapped romantic notes around the chocolates that she sent to Giovanni. Inspired by their secret love, she began to make her bite-sized chocolates as delectable as her messages: silky, dark-chocolate exterior enveloping gianduja, a whipped chocolate filling blended with finely-chopped hazelnuts, and all finished with a whole hazelnut crown.

Nearly 100 years later, Perugina continues the tradition of Luisa's Baci (Italian for "kisses"), love notes and all. Perugina is located just outside of Perugia, a hilltop town in central Italy, where the two star-crossed lovers first met.