Avanti taralli
Avanti taralli Avanti taralli Avanti taralli

Producer: Avanti

Product: Taralli

Region: South Australia

Producer Info: 

Taralli is a common snack across all southern Italy. As is the case with a lot of Italian food, recipes will change depending on the region. Commonly taralli creation will start with a simple dough and the addition of fragrant fennel. The dough is rolled in to rings, boiled briefly in water and then baked until crispy and golden. 

Avanti has been continuing this tradition in South Australia since 1964. Using family recipes that have been passed down and perfected through the generations to create this moreish snack.

Tasting note:

Avanti taralli is slow baked, not fired. This results in a crunchy and crisp texture with absolutely no oiliness. Both plain and fennel flavour are perfect as an aperitivo with a glass of wine with a spritz.

Type: Plain, fennel


plain: wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, yeast and spices

fennel: wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, fennel seeds (1.5%), yeast and spices.

Size: 500g