2020 Nals Margreid Lagrein Sand

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Product Description: A thick ruby red colour with flavours of Maraschino cherry and blackberry, pepper leaf and aromas of liquorice in the finish. Dense and fresh, with full-flavoured tannins and a return of balsamic undertones. Pair with roast meat dishes and vegetables.

 Nals Margreid

Region: Bolzano, Alto Adige

Grape: Lagrein

Size: 750ml

Alcohol: 13.5%

Producer Info:  Perched amongst 160 hectares of pristine vineyards sits the award-winning historical heritage and modern elegance structure of our beloved producer, Nals Margreid. Nals Margreid was established in 1932 by Alois Busetti with his modest group of wine growers in the alpine area of Sudtirol on the border of Italy and Switzerland. Their humble intentions were to collectively produce the finest, high-altitude wines from their nutritious fruits which had been harvested by hand over several generations especially when Nals and the Margreid-Entiklar Winery integrated in 1985.

Their extraordinary wines are thanks to their careful observation and analysis on their diverse variety of terroir. The belief here is that each wine acts as an ambassador of the vineyard they were raised in. Today, Nals Margreid is the leading producer in the zone across 14 regions from Nals in the Adige Valley and Margreid in South Tyrol’s south. A winery that thrives off combining innovation with tradition and expression; hallmarks that contribute to producing world-class wines.