Gragnano Paccheri Rigati

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Product: Gragnano's Paccheri Rigati is a renowned pasta in Southern Italy. We can thank its iconic large tube shape and grooved ("rigati" in Italian) texture for its versatility. This pasta pairs perfectly with seafood, meat ragu or vegetable-based sauces. Plus, this pasta can also be filled or baked (or both). 

Producer: La Fabbrica Della Pasta Di Gragnano

Region: Naples, Campania

Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, water.

Size: 500g

Producer Info: Located in the picturesque Campanian town of Gragnano, La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano is a fourth-generation pasta company established by Mario Moccia in 1976. They believe the production of pasta is an art and a heritage of history, culture, traditions and secrets. La Fabbrica della Pasta uses mountain spring water and applies a slow and careful drying method and of course, the finest durum wheat to produce high quality pasta, which comes in a variety of shapes. The technique used is a perfect example of the Calabrian pasta tradition that focuses on flavour, colour and texture. One for the ages.