Giuseppe Cocco Spaghetti

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Product: Cocco's handcrafted Spaghetti is made with premium quality semolina and fresh spring water. It is extruded through bronze dies and slow dried to craft an unparalleled texture and flavour. 

Producer: Giuseppe Cocco

Region: Chieti, Abruzzo

Size: 500g 

Producer Info: Pasta Cocco is an artisan pasta brand located in Abruzzo, Italy established by Domenico Cocco or as many loves to call him, Mastro (Master) Domenico. Cocco is devoted to producing handmade pasta crafted with traditional Italian ingredients and techniques including bronze dyes, a long and meticulous drying method, the highest quality durum wheat semolina and fresh spring water. As this is time consuming, this means the company produces small amounts of pasta to ensure the maintenance of craftmanship, flavour and taste of the past. Today, the company continues to preserve their passion for authentic flavours, classic manufacturing and producing pasta as an art form.