Sapori Antichi Passata

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Product Description: This homemade sauce has a subtle sweetness that comes from only using sun-ripened tomatoes harvested at the peak of the season. Perfect for use in pasta sauces, as pizza base and in curries or soups. Product obtained from the direct pressing of fresh Calabrian tomatoes. Pasteurized product, made without the addition of preservatives or colourings.

Producer Name:
Sapori Antichi

Region: Calabria, Italy

Size: 660ml

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Producer Info: Sapori Antichi was established in 1992 in the mountainous village of Cicala in Calabria, Italy by Giacomo Muraca. The aim was to transform their passion for their land and its local traditions and premium raw materials into high-quality products from homemade tomato sauces to jams and preserved vegetables for the world to enjoy. Sapori pride themselves on their farm to table approach while applying modern techniques to their offerings.