Rio Vista 'Nothin' But Olives' Range

Product Description: This bottle is filled with nothin’ but 100% South Australian grown and harvested olives. Grown naturally in the Adelaide Hills and sunny Murraylands, picked by friendly people and cold extracted within 6 hours of harvest. 100% Olive Juice. 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Classic: Ideal for roasting vegetables, barbecuing, dressing salads or drizzling over bruschetta.

Mild: Ideal for fresh or grilled seafood, baking into cakes or whipping up homemade sauces, dips and soups. 

Robust: Ideal for rich pasta or risotto, dressing vegetables and salads with or for dipping your favourite fresh bread and dukkha.

Producer: Rio Vista

Region: Adelaide Hills

Size: 750ml

Producer Information: Rio Vista is proudly 100% South Australian owned, grown, nurtured & produced. From humble, yet passionate beginnings in 1996, Rio Vista Olives has been expertly crafting premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Grown in the picturesque Adelaide Hills, near the historic town of Mount Torrens and the charming Murraylands town of Mypolonga, we are Family grown and operated.