Olasagasti Anchovies Whole

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Product Description: Anchoas a la Donostiarra (Donostia-style Anchovies) are a traditional recipe of Cantabrian anchovies sautéed in garlic, using the whole anchovy lightly fried in olive oil from the region of Donostia-San Sebastián located in the Basque country. These are not firmly packed, but rather loose so that the anchovies can properly marinate with the garlic, cayenne pepper and white wine vinegar. These are prepared by hand using traditional methods and are served in the best tapas bars throughout Spain.

They can be enjoyed on their own, or on crusty bread doused with the infused oil from the tin. The leftover oil is also worth keeping to reuse for frying meat, fish and vegetables.

Producer: Conservas Olasagasti

Region: Biscay, Spain

Size: 190g

Producer Info: Salvatore Orland and his family have been devoted to the traditional and artisan ways of production and preservation of Olasagasti Anchovies and Tuna since the 1920s. Their catch commences during the prime time of the fishing season (late March until early June). It is then after months of maturing, they appear on our dining tables perfect as ever.

"We still prepare them with care, following tradition, being so precise you'd think our grandfather, Salvatore was peering over our shoulder. If you have tried them, then you'll know: he would have been very proud". - Matteo Orlando, Managing Director