Olasagasti Anchovies

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Product: Plump anchovies sourced from the Cantabrian Sea during the middle of the fishing season. Peel back the lid to face an intense savoury aroma, balanced by sweet and saltiness as you take your first bite. Each hand filleted fish delivers an umami bomb of vegemite-y flavour that stays long on the palate. Arguably the best anchovy in the world. 

Producer: Conservas Olasagasti

Region: Biscay, Spain

Ingredients: Anchovies (Engraulis Encrasicholus), olive oil (37,5%) and salt.

Size: 48g

Producer Info: Salvatore Orland and his family have been devoted to the traditional and artisan ways of production and preservation of Olasagasti Anchovies and Tuna since the 1920s. Their catch commences during the prime time of the fishing season (late March until early June). It is then after months of maturing, they appear on our dining tables perfect as ever.

"We still prepare them with care, following tradition, being so precise you'd think our grandfather, Salvatore was peering over our shoulder. If you have tried them, then you'll know: he would have been very proud". - Matteo Orlando, Managing Director