Muzzi Panettone Pistachio Cream Jar
Muzzi Panettone Pistachio Cream Jar Muzzi Panettone Pistachio Cream Jar


Product Description: Panettone cake without candied fruit or sultanas - box includes a jar of spreadable pistachio cream and icing sugar sachet. Originally from Milan, Panettone is a traditional Italian sweet bread. Enjoyed at Christmas time, the Panettone’s distinctive tall, dome appearance is fondly recognised across Italy. Slices of Panettone are typically eaten for breakfast in Italy during the holiday season.

Producer: Muzzi

Region: Perugia

Size: 1kg

Producer Info: In 1795, Tommaso, son of Filippo Muzzi, undertook the sweet profession of the confectioner. His baked goods were the favourites of the local nobles. Today  Antica Pasticceria Muzzi is a successful leader in the high volume pastry market.  

Muzzi likes to mix tradition and artisan techniques with modern production concepts by combining cutting-edge machineries in its production and secret recipes that have been perfected over the years. Using gorgeous and unique designs in their packaging - Muzzi believes that what you see on the outside is equally as important as the delicious treat that is on the inside.