Martelli Spaghettini

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Product: Martelli's authentic Spaghettini is made with premium quality high-protein semolina. It is extruded through bronze dies and slow dried at a low temperature to ensure it has a superior flavour and texture.  

Producer: Martelli

Region: Lari, Tuscany 

Size: 1kg 

Producer Info: Martelli Pasta is a small third generational company established by Luigi Martelli in 1926 situated in the medieval village of Lari, Tuscany. Martelli is devoted to enriching the quality of life for its customers through producing pasta of authentic quality rather than quantity. Traditional ingredients and techniques are used starting from the finest Italian durum wheat semolina, pure spring water and bronze dyes right through to the hand mixing, kneading and packaging. The result is in the pasta: a unique texture to absorb sauce exceptionally and a flavour that will leave you wanting more. A brand not found in large supermarket chains but in the most exclusive of shops or delicatessens, in Italy and around the world.