Gragnano Fusilloni Tricolore

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Product Description: A bronze-drawn short cut twisted-shaped pasta with three colours: red from red peppers, green from spinach and plain from the wheat itself.  

Producer: La Fabbrica Della Pasta Di Gragnano

Region: Gragnano, Campania

Size: 500g

Producer Info: Located in the picturesque Campanian town of Gragnano, La Fabbrica della Pasta di Gragnano is a fourth-generation pasta company established by Mario Moccia in 1976. They believe the production of pasta is an art and a heritage of history, culture, traditions and secrets. La Fabbrica della Pasta uses mountain spring water and applies a slow and careful drying method and of course, the finest durum wheat to produce high quality pasta, which comes in a variety of shapes. The technique used is a perfect example of the Calabrian pasta tradition that focuses on flavour, colour and texture. One for the ages.