Fiasconaro x Dolce&Gabbana Chocolate Spread

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Product: Fiasconaro and Dolce & Gabbana's rich and intense Sicilian chocolate cream perfect for cake fillings or to spread on pastries and breads. 

Producer: Fiasconaro

Region: Palermo, Sicily

Size: 200

Producer Info: Fiasconaro is a modern and ever-expanding visionary pastry company established in 1953 in Castelbuono, Sicily with Mario Fiasconaro as head chef. Inspired by their father and Sicily itself, the three Fiasconaro brothers – Fausto, Martino and Nicola – transformed from children who loved helping out the pastry shop to successful entrepreneurs. The focus on their confectionery is on the tradition, quality and respect for raw ingredients. Fiasconaro and Dolce & Gabbana have joined forces once again to combine their artistry and talent to create something incredible.