Coriole Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Producer: Coriole Vineyards

Product: Extra virgin olive oil

Region: McLaren Vale, South Australia 

Producer Info:

The Lloyd family's keen interest in taste and flavour has led to the development of other products since the 1990's - olive oils, olives, vinegars and cheese. Coriole have become pioneers in the redevelopment of these products in Australia. Coriole's Mark Lloyd says: "My interest started when I worked in olive factories in Greece one winter in the 70s. I fell in love with the smell of processing olives. 

"We started bottling table quality olive oil in 1989. It was new, interesting and important news in those days and journalists came from around the country to have a look at the process and taste the result. Olive oil quickly became a staple product at Coriole, although at first, many people thought that it was a very strange product to have in a cellar door!

Tasting Notes:

Made in a robust style with clean, green apple complexity and lingering spice, Coriole EVO is one of Australia's first and finest quality extra virgin olive oils.

Size: 500ml