Calvi White Wine Vinegar

Product Description: The Calvi White Wine Vinegar comes from carefully selected grapes which undergo a slow fermentation process and maturation in oak barrels. It is a perfect condiment for many uses – such as in sauces and salads. Made from the best ‘Trebbiano’ grapes.

Producer: Olio Calvi

Region: Liguria

Size: 500ml

Producer Info: Olio Calvi was founded in 1921, shortly after brothers Giuseppe and Paolo Calvi returned from the First World War. The brothers brought considerable knowledge to the business having learnt from their parents who were olive growers in the northern Italian region of Liguria. What began as a company that only sold locally and to surrounding regions, it soon expanded into a successful, international export business. Fuelled by a desire from Italians living in the Americas, the company began exporting their extra virgin olive oil in cans. Olio Calvi continues its success today, with the third generation Calvi family continuing their production of high quality, quintessentially Italian products.