Calvi Peperoncino

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Product Description: Fresh Italian chilli pieces blanched in vinegar and preserved in a light olive oil. This peperoncino is ideal to add a little kick to your favourite recipes or drizzled on to pasta dishes. There is no limit to the versatility.

Producer: Giuseppe Calvi

Region: Imperia, Liguria

Ingredients: Chilli, olive oil, salt

Size: 100g, 540g

Producer Info: Giuseppe Calvi was, by chance, born into a passionate family of farmers and olive tree growers who supplied him with the tools and know-how of classic extra virgin olive oil production. In 1921, Giuseppe and his brother, Paolo followed in the footsteps of their family and birthed, Olio Giuseppe Calvi & Co. in Liguria, Italy, the capital of olive oil.

Inspired by traditional production methods, they specialised in natural and artisanal extra virgin olive oil to locals in Piedmont. A region famous for its wine, but with no active oil production due to its climate. Soon enough, word spread, and the company became a sensation and eventually began exporting to other Italian regions and countries.

Today, with their expert knowledge, Giuseppe’s children, Gianni and Luca Calvi now operate the company. Their newly established oil mill in Oneglia Valley allows them to produce according to their traditions and up to 1.3 tons per hour.