Bonilla A La Vista Patatas Tin

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Product Description: Crispy Spanish potato chips made with Spanish potatoes, Spanish olive oil and Spanish sea salt in a decorative tin.

Producer: Bonilla A La Vista

Region: Galicia, Spain

Size: 500g

Producer Info:  A classic potato chip from Galicia made with Galician potatoes, Spanish olive oil and Spanish sea salt Bonilla a la vista casts off and begins the conquest of the ocean in 1932 in Ferrol with Salvador Bonilla as commander. He seemed to be at ease travelling around Galicia with his market stand, providing plenty of moments of happiness. He went from villages to small towns with his delicious crisps and tasty churros.

1958 was a year of heavy seas, which started with the Galera Street Churros Coffee Shop move. This heavy sea became a storm: the Bonilla a la vista crew was not able to create their products with the same attention to craftsmanship. Salvador Bonilla (father of the current commander) stopped production. However, the idea did not disappear: the Bonilla a la vista crisps would return, albeit 30 years later!

In 1988, The Bonilla a la vista crisps returned, thanks to a new factory, based in the Poligono de Sabón, Arteixo, near the sea. The combination of the best raw materials (the tastiest potatoes and freshest olive oil) built a quality product that resulted in special, happy moments at every opening of a Bonilla a la vista can. 85th anniversary celebrations in 2017 saw the renovation of the factory. With more than half a million euros invested, the company updated machinery and added leading technology, including the “magic eye”Savoury Snacks : Other, which is able to select and dismiss the burnt and spotted crisps.