B Langhe Cuneesi Rum Bag

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Product Description: A giftbag of B. Langhe's Cuneesi Rum chocolate: soft creams flavoured with Rum and wrapped in a thin and crunchy layer of rich dark chocolate. 

Producer: B.Langhe

Region: Alba, Piedmont 

Size: 200g

Producer Info: An artisan confectioner whose beginnings stem from 1977 in a small laboratory in the food capital of Alba in Piedmont, Italy. B. Langhe encompasses the mission to discover if the sweetness of their extraordinary hometown can be evoked. They have since transformed Piedmont’s premium raw materials into world-class confectionery, particularly our beloved Italian Christmas icon, Panettone and Easter Dove, Colomba. Their centuries old, authentic recipes sees a two-day preparation process with six vigorous phases. B. Langhe is an authentic representation of Piedmont’s spirit for a sense for recognising good things and things that are made well. Everything we search for in a producer just for you.