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Tasting note: Sweet and bitter with a hint of rust on the nose. The taste is initially light and sugary, in stark contrast to Cynar’s dark colour. The herbal/vegetal qualities also really shine through on the palate. The finish is bitter, akin to a light espresso finish.

Producer: Campari Group


Alcohol: 16.5%

Size: 700ml

Producer Info: Cynar is a relatively new amaro, first produced in Italy in 1952. Advertising in the 1960s by Ernesto Calindri, helped propel Cynar to relative popularity in Italy. One such ad depicted a man sitting at a table in the middle of traffic drinking Cynar, completely oblivious to the outside world. Despite being somewhat recent, there is not much to find in regards to its origins. In 1995, the Campari Group acquired Cynar and has produced the bittersweet amaro ever since.