Brusa Grissini Rubata

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Product: Crispy and infused with extra virgin olive oil, Brusa's Grissini Rubata are a double baked breadstick. They are stretched and turned over to make a complete spiral turn. A light and crunchy taste of Piedmont. We love wrapping them with Toscana prosciutto and pairing with cheese and olives as a starter. *No palm oil or preservatives. 

Producer: Brusa

Region: Biella, Piedmont 

Ingredients: “00” soft wheat flour, extra virgin olive oil (6%), malted wheat flour, salt, yeast, natural flavoring (contains wheat). Allergens: gluten . May contain traces of walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, soy, milk, eggsKeep in a cold and dry place.

Size: 200g