Vino Italiano

The Regional Wines of Italy

Product Descriptor: At one time, Italian wines conjured images of cheap Chianti in straw-wrapped bottles. More recently, expensive &;Super Tuscans&; have been the rage. But between these extremes lay a bounty of delicious, moderately priced wines that belong in every wine drinker&;s repertoire.

Vino Italiano is the only comprehensive and authoritative American guide to the wines of Italy. It surveys the country&;s wine-producing regions; identifies key wine styles, producers, and vintages; and offers delicious regional recipes. Extensive reference materials&;on Italy&;s 300 growing zones, 361 authorized grape varieties, and 200 of the top producers&;provide essential information for restaurateurs and wine merchants, as well as for wine enthusiasts.

Beautifully illustrated as well as informative, Vino Italiano is the perfect invitation to the Italian wine experience.

Author: Joseph Nastianich and David Lynch