The Barolo & Barbaresco Panel | Thursday 4th July | $145 | 6:30pm
In years to come, people are going to ask in hushed whispers: “Where were you when Mercato showcased the 2015 release of cru Barolo & Barbaresco?” Hopefully you’ll be able to reply: “I was there!”.

Like the old tradesman pointing out yet another house he worked on in his earlier years to his eye-rolling kids, this is one event that you just won't be able to help but talk about in the future. Joining the Mercato Vino team, will be an open discussion Q&A panel of experts, featuring industry heavyweight David Ridge. Guests will get the chance to taste the difference between sub-regions, guided by his years of experience and phenomenal palate.

Christian Canala and Chris Newton-Smith from Vinify Wine Co will discuss living, breathing and working with Italian wine every day, talk consumer trends, producer philosophy, whilst explaining how the traditional vs. modern debate continues to be a hot topic at the dinner table. Current Young Gun of Wine top 50 finalist Tarrant Hansen, owner and winemaker of Spider Bill Wines will take you through the inner nuances of making Nebbiolo, drawing on from his wine making experiences in Piemonte and Australia, explaining what makes this varietal so special for not just the consumer, but for the producer.

With at least a dozen wines on tasting, together with a menu curated by our very own Bar Mercato head chef Nick, this promises to be a centrepiece of the wine industry calendar. This is more than a wine night; this is the birth of the Mercato Vino Club.
  1. Spider Bill Wines Nebbiolo 2017
  2. Barale Fratelli Langhe Nebbiolo 2017
  3. Paolo Conterno Langhe Nebbiolo 2016
  4. Fratelli Revello Langhe Nebbiolo 2016
  5. Sordo Nebbiolo d’Alba 2016
  6. Bera Barbaresco 2015
  7. Barale Fratelli Barbaresco ‘Serraboella’ 2016
  8. Sordo Barbaresco 2016
  9. Bera Barbaresco ‘Rabaja’ 2012
  10. Sordo Barolo ‘Ravera’ 2015
  11. Sordo Barolo ‘Monvigliero’ 2015
  12. Fratelli Revello Barolo 2015
  13. Fratelli Revello ‘Gattera’ 2015
  14. Fratelli Revello ‘Giachini’ 2015
  15. Fratelli Revello ‘Conca’ 2015
  16. Fratelli Revello ‘Rocche dell Annunziata’ 2015
  17. Sordo Barolo 2015
  18. Barale Fratelli Barolo 2014
  19. Sordo Barolo ‘Villero’ 2015
  20. Sordo Barolo ‘Parussi’ 2013
  21. Paolo Conterno Barolo ‘Riva del Bric’ 2015
  22. Sordo Barolo ‘Perno’ 2015
  23. Paolo Conterno Barolo ‘Ginestra’ 2015
  24. Barale Barolo ‘Bussia’ 2015
  25. Fratelli Revello Barolo ‘Cerretta’ 2015
  26. Sordo Barolo ‘Gabutti’ 2014
Drink responsibly and consider appropriate transportation for the night. 

Pickled green tomatoes, prosciutto and grissini


Carne Cruda, Beef, Anchovy, Quail Egg and Reggiano


Roasted Duck Breast, Ghocchi alla Bava, Braised Radicchio and Hazelnuts


Gorgonzola Dolce, Parmigiano Reggiano, Honey and Pear

6:30PM | $145

All those attending will receive a 10% discount on retail goods for the night.



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